Allergies in Pets

aa itchy dogs

As we come into the warmer months, pollens and environmental allergens are present at an all time high. For some of our pets this may mean that the season of itching and scratching has begun.
Dogs and cats can be allergic to many different things including fleas, mites, foods (mostly animal proteins) and environmental allergens such as pollens and grasses.

The obvious signs are itching and scratching, however some other symptoms of possible skin disease include;

  • Licking toes/saliva staining between toes
  • Licking elbows
  • Hair loss on belly or around tail base
  • Rashes particularly on the belly or up the back
  • Scooting (rubbing the bottom on the ground)
  • Ear Infections

Diagnosis and Treatment
Getting to the bottom of your itchy pet can be a long process involving multiple vet visits and trials. We will rarely get to the bottom of your pet’s itching in just one visit.
Tape preps and swabs of the skin are often taken initially to look for bacterial and fungal infections that need to be treated. From there we may start various trials such as flea and mite treatment trials, possibly followed by a food trial. During this time your pet will be started on anti-itch medications or washes to help alleviate symptoms. This will be discussed with you during the consultation
If you are wanting to diagnose the cause of itching, referral to an animal dermatologist is also an option and may be discussed.

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