Sheep Measles

Beagle dog on Rural area. RSunset in nature. Dog background

Sheep measles is a parasitic disease caused by a tape worm in dogs. The worm is contracted by the dog from eating raw sheep meat. It causes no symptoms in the dog, but is spread to sheep via dog faeces.
When a sheep is infected with sheep measles, it causes small white nodules in the muscle that leads to a down grading or condemnation of the carcass. This obviously hurts the farmer in the pocket, and also damages New Zealand’s export trade.

You should never feed raw sheep meat to dogs (it must be frozen or cooked).
If you do take your dogs onto farmland, they should be wormed monthly with a drug that kills tape worms (and 3 monthly with a multi wormer).

Contact us at the clinic for the correct medication.

To make it easier, we offer a worm tablet mail out programme where we will send you the correct tablets at the correct dose for your animals that arrive when you need to give them. If you are interested in this service, give us a call.

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