When is it the right time to say goodbye?

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This is never an easy conversation to have but we are very fortunate in veterinary medicine to have the ability to perform euthanasia on animals.  Most vets will say that this can be the hardest part of our jobs but it can be reframed as the most rewarding as we are caring for animals by painlessly putting them off to sleep.

When an animal is suffering due to an acute accident, or an acute disease condition, especially where there is no cure, or if the cure is unachievable due to financial considerations, the decision for euthanasia is straightforward.
Chronic conditions can be more difficult to manage as we often struggle to decide when the time has come to say goodbye.
The most heartbreaking situations can be when the decision to ease suffering has been made too late.  It is far preferable to put the animal down before it is suffering, not once the condition has become severe enough to make the animal miserable.

So how do we know when the time has come?  Here are some questions to consider.

1- Is the animal no longer mobile (unable to get around to perform normal daily requirements like eating and going to the toilet)?
2- Is the animal no longer eating?
3- Are there any open sores (wounds or pressure sores)?
4- Is it difficult to control the animal’s pain?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then it may be time to call us.

Once the decision has been made, often there is a feeling of relief to know there is a plan in place. It is important not to put off the inevitable and always consider the welfare of your pet first.
We are here to guide you through this process and offer support.  If you feel you can’t physically bring your pet to the clinic, a vet and vet nurse can come to your home.  Sometimes it is more peaceful for your pet to drift off to sleep in their own environment.  

We like to think of euthanasia as a huge privilege as it is the last act of kindness we do for our pets.

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