Multimin Injection to Boost Your Bottom Line


Having trace element levels adequate prior to mating is essential for having cows performing well.  Most if not all of our farms will be very familiar with selenium and copper; and will have supplementation and monitoring programs in place to ensure the levels of these minerals are adequate.  We have seen in recent years however, that even on farms with sufficient supplementation, cows will respond to a top up or booster of trace elements premating. 

There are many products out there, however the one with by far the most local research is Multimin.  This is a multi-mineral injection that contains copper, selenium, manganese, and zinc.  Trial work was carried out in New Zealand where cows considered sufficient in selenium and copper were injected with Multimin 4 weeks premating.  These cows went on to have a 3% lower empty rate and were 3.4 days earlier in calf than their herd mates which received a saline injection.   

A couple of years ago Aorangi vets ran our own trial with Multimin across eight herds in the South Canterbury region.  All of these farms had robust mineral supplementation schemes in place and were above sufficient levels of selenium and copper.  Half of a herd was randomly selected to be injected with Multimin.  On average, we saw a 2% increase in 6-week in calf rate and a 1.5% decrease in empty rate for the cows who received multimin. 

This increase in reproductive performance can help your bottom line. In our studies it resulted in a 5.5:1 return on investment. 

We recommend choosing research backed products with formulations that are safe and effective.  Talk to us if you would like to discuss putting Multimin into your herd this Spring.

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