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Companion Animal Care

Whether they are one of our family or an essential worker in our farming operation, companion animals are an important part of our lives.

Whether they are one of our family or an essential worker in our farming operation, companion animals are an important part of our lives.

Every member of our team is passionate about pets.  We understand how much they mean to you and your family and when they are in our care you can rest assured; we will treat them as our own.

Aorangi Veterinary Services have caring and experienced vets and nurses and the latest equipment and products, to ensure the best care of your pets and working dogs. 

Our Timaru Clinic is BESTPRACTICE® Accredited, which means we are committed to meeting the highest standards of veterinary care.

Preventative Health Care

Prevention is better than cure! We will work with you to ensure your pet is protected from preventative diseases and parasites. We only stock quality products that we would use on our own pets. These products are backed by sound science and proven to be effective.

Our vets and nurses are highly trained to provide the latest information about vaccination programs and parasite control. We also offer a worm tablet mail out program to ensure you never miss a treatment.

Our nursing team also offer; 

Weight Loss Programs: Regular weighing and measurement with expert advice on diet and exercise to ensure your pets has the best quality of life.

Nail Trimming Advice:  Tips and tricks to take the stress out of pet pedicures.

Puppy Preschool:  Sign your pup up to x weeks of training, socialising and information to ensure they get the best start to life.

Fear Free Handling: We use tools such as gentle handling, soothing music and pheromone sprays to ensure your pet is as settled and relaxed as they can be while in our care.

Dental Advice: Getting your pets teeth regularly checked can ensure that any problems are detected early and treatment is quick and painless. We also stock a wide range of treatments to ensure that your pets teeth are kept in tip top shape.

Physiotherapy Advice: We have a number of nurses trained in the basics of veterinary physiotherapy, to help your pet have a smooth recovery from surgery.

Further Services

Best Practice

BESTPRACTICE® accredited veterinary clinics and hospitals offer animal owners the best possible standard of veterinary care at all times.

Routine Surgeries

If you are not planning to breed from your pet we highly recommend early desexing. Desexed animals generally live longer, healthier, happier lives. Call us today to discuss the benefits for your pet and your family.

Treatment of Sick Animals, Emergency and Critical Care

When your pet needs us, you can trust that we will give the very best care.
We have an experienced team of vets and vet nurses, latest diagnostic equipment, including ultrasound, digital Xray, dental Xray, inhouse blood analysis, microscopy and access to quality veterinary laboratories when required.
We have staff trained in the latest surgical techniques and safest anaesthetic protocols and monitoring to ensure the very best outcomes for your pet.  


We have vets experienced in all manner of fracture and ligament repairs, including the latest TTA technique for repair of rupture cranial cruciate ligaments. Tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA) is one of these options that our vets can tailor specifically for your dog. TTA has been shown to provide a fast recovery for patients with cruciate disease and we are proud to offer this surgery amongst a range of other orthopaedic repair options to our clients.

Referral Options

We regularly offer referral for cases which we feel this is required. This includes referral of xrays, and medical and surgical cases.
This gives you access to not only to our team of small animal experts, but some of the best veterinary minds in New Zealand.

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