Vet Services

Deer Services

Velvet and venison production, or both, Aorangi Vets has experienced vets and personnel to help.

Our veterinary service for the Sheep, Beef and Deer systems has long been aimed at sustainable, progressive production. We recognise the driving factors underpinning production and with ever-evolving science, advise preventative animal health measures to optimise efficiency and value.

With a comprehensive Animal Health Plan programme our vets can ensure your animal needs are anticipated and met. An annual meeting with us to up-date your Animal Health Plan establishes the understanding needed for us to provide you with the best advice.  

We also contact our farming clients at several key times of the year to ensure their requirements are met.

Communication includes both email and on-line order indication forms followed up by telephone calls. This contact is vital when products such as vaccines made to order are involved.

Regular old-fashioned newsletters are often our voice keeping you abreast of developments and relevant seasonal information. Information evenings are also a key event we aim to regularly host; these occasions provide a social opportunity for us all to enjoy.

Further Services

Animal Health Plans

Most farms combine different animal species and we recognize the value in constructing a 12 month plan to cover the animal health needs of the entire system. When putting together an Animal Health Plan for your livestock system we first identify your goals and only then create a plan to best meet those goals. An annual consultation to review your Animal Health Plan is a valuable opportunity to look again at your system, reflect on how the previous year went and establish the right steps for the next year.
Your laminated wall planner is accompanied by timely email reminders and together these have proved to be an effective way of keeping often complicated farm systems on track.

Velvet Removal Training

We have several experienced Supervisory deer vets across all three clinics, able to train new velvetters and undertake Supervisory Visits for those deer farmers already accredited to do their own velveting.

Trouble shooting investigations

When animal health issues arise, we are expert in both individual animal and herd investigations. We recognize when situations require immediate attention and have the resources to provide that prompt response. Drawing on our own experience and that from our team but also on our national and at times international network of colleagues we aim to ensure both herd production is maintained and that the best animal welfare is achieved.

Audit Requirements

We not only can provide you with an Animal Health Plan specific to your system but also your Restricted Veterinary Medicines (RVM) documentation. A recent and much anticipated development within our clinic’s computer system is the ability now to immediately provide details of product purchases along with their batch numbers and expiries.

Pregnancy Scanning

Our vets scanning deer are highly experienced in pregnancy diagnosis but also in working with deer which is so important for everyone’s health and safety. Having your vet there for pregnancy scanning allows immediate investigation into herd health issues that may have arisen and it is also an ideal opportunity to discuss any animal health topics you may have questions about – we are a captive audience in the deer shed after all!