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Veterinary certification for transport

All animals in New Zealand that are transported must be fit to do so. This means the animal must be free from injury and lameness, have no signs of disease, have no abnormal behaviour or physical abnormalities and be a suitable body condition score. This…

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Feeding Newborn Calves

It’s that time of year again! Calves will soon be dropping and heading into their warm, dry sheds eagerly awaiting their first feed. When it comes to calves, we recommend quality colostrum is given quickly and in a high enough quantity that they reap the…

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Prevention of Spring Mastitis

Cows with a healthy udder Produce more milk Are easier to milk Have less mastitis Suffer less pain A more likely to get in calf Have a longer productive lifetime Provide more profit Mastitis is caused by bacterial infection of the udder, the only way…

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