Heifer Teat sealing


Heifers are the future of your herd and you have invested considerable money and time before they enter the milking herd. The quickest way to devalue this investment is calving mastitis, which often leaves heifers with light quarters, and complicates their first few days in the shed. Heifers that develop mastitis are also more likely to be culled early.

Heifer mastitis traditionally occurs within 7 days after calving when udders can be oedematous (swollen), and the teats open and dripping milk. These factors, along with others, mean the udder is much more susceptible to infection with environmental bacteria such as Strep. uberis. Heifer mastitis rates on some NZ farms can reach 25%, it is important to try to minimise this problem and the costs associated with it.

The average cost of mastitis in a heifer is over $200 per animal.

To help prevent mastitis in heifers we use teatseal, a non-antibiotic, internal sealant that is inserted into the teat prior to calving. It forms a physical barrier blocking the entry of bacteria into the udder

Aorangi Vets offers a teatsealing service. We have already begun booking in heifer teatsealing jobs and the season with be starting soon. Teatsealing heifers is a surprisingly achievable job as we have a fully trained team of technicians. The technicians clean the teats of every heifer meticulously and insert the teatseal, the teats are sprayed with teat spray, then the heifers run off the trailer and back to their paddock.

We have a heifer teatsealing trailer which allows us to do 5-6 heifers at a time, at nearly any location which has a set of yards and a race.

NZ research has shown that following teatsealing prior to calving there is an 84% reduction in Strep uberis infections at calving, and it also decreases the clinical mastitis rate by 68% in the first 2 weeks post calving.

It gives you the best chance of heifers entering the herd uninfected, and also decreases the amount of work that you have to do at calving which is always appreciated!

If you would like to book in teatsealing please contact our clinic!

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